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Are you finding the modern concept of success to be unsatisfying? Does it feel like you are trapped on a treadmill created by society's expectations? Do you want to break free, unlock your full creative potential, and finally live a life that works for you?

If so, I understand. I can remember being in a place where I had what would be society's concept of success, yet I was miserable. Rather than doing what I really wanted to do, I was trapped. I had to bend to society's expectations. I was being forced to be something I wasn't cut out to be – just because I thought it was the only option.

I hated being valued merely for my productivity and not my creativity. Eventually I couldn't find happiness anywhere or in anything. My health declined – and I had a nervous breakdown – because I thought I was cursed to a life of total mediocrity.

Thankfully, I broke out of that trap. I learned that I'd never be happy as long as I was a slave to the system – and that true happiness comes from being able to take a stand for what you really want in life. Discovering my own personal sense of purpose led me to discovering my hidden gifts and talents that helped me achieve my own goals.

Today I am happy, healthy, and have achieved my full potential. Now, I want to help other creative, dynamic people break out of the rat race and take control of their lives. You have the potential in you – and my course Create Your Own Destiny, Live & Online will show you how to unlock it.

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Create Your Own Destiny, Live & Online is a powerful six-week course designed to help you finally live the life you were meant to. It contains one class a week, plus a live masterclass at the start of each week.

You'll learn how I put an end to a miserable existence in the societal machine and became the best person I could be. I'll tell you how I have helped other creative people do the same thing. By the end, you will have the skills you need to achieve the goals that will make you truly happy.

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